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For students


For students at master level it is possible to attend an autopsy as part of the training. Most autopsies take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Please make an appointment on beforehand.

For arrangements about attending autopsies, clical stay at the department or doing master thesis, please contact secretary: Lotte Brag, tel. +45 6550 4464, email:

Teaching of medical students at Forensic Institute is described here.
The education is for the moment under reorganization.



Department of Anthropology  (ADBOU) offers 3 elective courses in biological anthropology: Basic Biological Anthropology, Advanced Biological Anthropology and Project Report in Biological Anthropology. It is also possible to make an individual arrangement about a master level education within this subject.
Biological anthropology is defined as the knowledge about humans as biological beings. At ADBOU this is investigated further through skeletal examinations. Does this sound like you? Are you interested in human beings, history, life and death, ilnesses etc? The department stores more than 15.000 skeletons, mainly from the medieval Denmark.
The skeltons tell the story sbout a life with Work, famines, high death rate for children and epidemics coming and going, i.e. lepra, TB, syphilis, plague and other onknown diseases. Furthermore, the general Health condition can be read from the skeletons, for instance seen as changes in lifespan and the avage hight.

Read more about the teaching here

Last Updated 19.10.2023