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The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy is happy to collaborate on research with companies, organizations and start-ups.
Our researchers work with solutions ranging from drug development and drug delivery, artificial photosynthesis and enzymes to nano sensors, new methods for storing energy and analytical environmental chemistry, in cooperation with external partners.

There are several models for how research cooperation can be funded. However, the project must have a scientific interest and relevance to the department.

The research project may be co-financed between the department and the company. The research project may also be co-financed by public funds, such as the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The researcher has the right to publish his own results, but it may be agreed that publication will be postponed until the company has protected the results. The company subsequently has the opportunity to purchase or license the department’s share of the rights to results that are created in the project.

We offer requested research. This means that we perform specific tasks for a company or organization for a fee. That is also called contract research.

We also offer cooperation within the business PhD scheme.

Contact us for possible cooperation

Contact the department and have a conversation with a researcher about your project or idea. Call Head of Secretariat Mette Søndergaard tel. +45 93 50 76 39 or write to

Examples of past and ongoing research projects in cooperation with companies and Institutions

  • Working with start-up company Dianox. The project is about the development of a new type of diagnostics for Hepatitis B. The project is funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark.
  • Project in cooperation with Haldor Topsøe A/S. The project is about structural studies of new electrode materials for rechargeable batteries. The project is funded by Nordforsk and ESS Lighthouse SMART.
  • Project in cooperation with Vandcenter Syd. The project focuses on the development of new materials for phosphate recycling, including the mapping of phosphate resources at wastewater treatment plants. The projects are funded by DFF-FTP (2016-2021), DFF Green Transition (2021-2024) and VUDP (2021).
  • Collaboration with Aarhus University and Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) in the project 'Proflex' (2020-2023). The project examines the function of plant proteins as emulsifiers in new types of dairy products. The aim is to lay the foundation for increased use of plant proteins and to promote the development of new sustainable products. The project is funded by The Danish Dairy Research Foundation.
  • Project in cooperation with Teknos A/S. The project is about studies of mineral raw materials for paint.
  • Cooperation with the tyre company Continental. The project is basic research into structural property-relationships of polymer materials for perfect and used polymer materials. The project is funded by Continental.

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