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SDUUP | Newsletter June 2021

THEME: The E-learning Project Fund 2022 - The study app – test, guidance and implementation

In 2020, Jens Jørgen Hansen, associate professor at the Institute for Design and Communication at the Faculty of Humanities, received funding from the E-learning project fund, to develop an app for students called the Study App. This app is now almost ready for implementation and focuses on three tracks.


The app is a result from an earlier project from 2016-2020, called “Digital design for developing educational competences”. The recent project – the Study App – is a further development of this project. The Study App project has a larger focus on first-year students which is why the purpose of the app is to collaborate with the itslearning app to support first-year students. The plan is to implement the Study App September 2021. 

Interim results

Jens Jørgen Hansen explains that the schedule is upheld so far. The app is programmed, and the layout is decided in collaboration with the external firm RelateIT. The collaboration has been good and useful. 

One thing that has made this project more tangible, is the determination of the three tracks that the app focuses on: knowledge, personal development and competences. They give concrete expression to the purpose of the app in relation to the educational aspects. 

It is mentioned that the grant has made it possible to hire a research assistant whose contribution has been very helpful for the project both in relation to the content and the plan. 

Jens Jørgen Hansen explains that as per 2 June the project awaited a transfer of the app from SDU IT and the external company to SDUs internal server, so that SDU can become host of the app when it is implemented this Fall. 

Jens Jørgen Hansen

Associate Professor, Department of Design og Kommunikation,
The Faculty of Humanities,
Tel.:+45 65501306

The article in brief

- The project develops an app – this is meant as a tool for new students in particular in relation to knowledge, personal development and competences.

- The project has upheld its schedule, but as per 2 June it was in an uncertain phase because answers from different partners were pending. The app is ready but needs to be moved from external partners to SDUs own internal system. 

- The goal is for the app to be implemented and ready for use per 1st September 2021.

Editing was completed: 25.06.2021