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Arianit Vojvoda

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Phone: +45 6550 8703

What Arianit brings to the table

Arianit joined SDU Analytics in 2023, shortly after getting his Master’s degree in Economics.

Arianit worked with data in broad contexts during his studies – Due to this, Arianit has great knowledge in presenting data in a user-friendly manner based on the core data, before finally analyzing and describing the outcomes. The primary focus is on effective analysis in addition to visualization of data, which may vary from the display of a singular table to that of an interactive dashboard.

Arianit’s field of work covers a vast amount of different areas, including (but not limited to) student behavior & performance and international ranking.

Primary work areas
  • Development of dashboards
  • Educational data
  • International Ranking
  • Anministrative lists
Lifelong learning
  • Cand.Oecon. (MSc. In Economics, SDU 2022)
  • BSc. Oecon (BSc. In Economics, SDU 2020)
  • R programming courses
  • Python courses
Outreach and presentations

Portrait photo of data analyst Arianit Vojvoda