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Kids do quantum physics

Turns out that what all teens need to do to understand quantum physics is to go to YouTube. Quantum Kate, a pink-haired, animated character created via the Quantum Rascals initiative of the Centre of excellence in Particle Physics (CP3-Origins) at the University of Southern Denmark, teaches quantum physics in vlogger format.

Setting up her smartphone to frame her quick-cuts and jumpy video, she walks her followers through the building blocks of atoms, what dark matter is, and how time is affected by gravity.

Quantum Kate manages to put an exciting spin on some of the biggest breakthroughs of Einstein till our times with the discovery of the Higgs. With a Tesla flying around in outer space and new research constantly breaking ground in the STEM fields, these videos are a new way of engaging the coming generations in science.

By relating teenage troubles of the guy who doesn't text back to you or to having a clothing crisis before prom, Danish Quantum Kate has already gained massive success with several thousand followers on YouTube. She's even turned multi-lingual after spiking interest in several other countries - so much so that Kate now speaks 10 other languages - among these are Chinese, Swedish, English, Spanish, Italian, and more.


The animated teenager is indeed a success story of how to exemplify and recognize the massive role that physics play in our everyday life. Relating quantum physics to everyday grievances and experiences turns out to maybe be the best way to interest kids and teens in the sciences - one thing is for sure; the pink-haired vlogger scientist has gained the trust of her subscribers. In the comment section hundreds of messages urge her to continue her videos and give her suggestions to which subject she should take on next.

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