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SDU Global Sustainable Production

Part of Department of Technology and Innovation

Global Sustainable Production focuses on sustainable production with a global outlook

In our research we look at development of global production and innovation networks and how they can become more sustainable. Our research pays special attention to how synergies between operational performance and sustainability can be achieved.

Our research falls within both social and environmental sustainability 

Our research combines basic and applied research and is often undertaken in collaboration with large companies, government bodies, trade unions and NGOs. We are involved in large global research projects funded by national or international sponsors.  In parallel, we are engaged in research about how hospitals can increase their operational performance preferable in tandem with improved sustainably practices.

You will find a close link between our research profile and our educations  

The section is responsible for the BEng in Global Management and Manufacturing (GMM) which has a strong focus on how to develop and manage global supply chains including how to ensure a transformation towards being more sustainable. We are also contributing with teaching on the master’s program in Operations Management. We offer electives and training courses which can be viewed via MitSDU for DiplomaBachelorCandidate

Furthermore, our section plays an active role in the course Experts in Teams Innovation (EiT). EiT is a mandatory course for all students at the Faculty of Engineering, which focuses on creating innovations in the context of cross-functional teams.

We offer Summer School in Project Management and PhD courses relatered to global production and sustainablility 

The section offers a Summer School in Project Management in August; find it under Manufacturing and Management Engineering, and PhD courses related to global production and sustainability. 

Global Sustainable Production is open for collaboration with external parties

We are always interested in new collaborating with new companies and public organizations with an interest in sustainable production. Contact Professor Jan Vang, Head of Section, for further information.

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SDU Global Sustainable Production University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 16.05.2024