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Research areas

The Maxillofacial Department at Hospital South West Jutland has a regional function for dental, oral, and maxillofacial surgery. The main function of the department is corrective jaw surgery for abnormal jaw growth

Treatment planning and follow-up for the approximately 200 patients who undergo surgery each year are carried out in collaboration between surgeons and the 3D laboratory, which is a sub-department of the research unit specializing in virtual radiology.

Research is also conducted based on databases in corrective jaw surgery as well as in the treatment of missing tooth development.


Core areas

  • Corrective jaw surgery for patients with jaw anomalies
  • Corrective jaw surgery for patients with sleep apnea
  • Reconstruction of the jawbone
  • 3D design and printing of personalized implants (PSI)
  • Databases in corrective jaw surgery and treatment of tooth loss


To optimize jaw surgical patient treatments and processes through 3D virtual treatment planning and follow-up as well as database records.


Research focus areas

Corrective jaw surgery

Optimization of: surgical intervention accuracy, stability of operated jaw segments, airway changes resulting from jaw correction, jaw joint function after surgery, development of new and improved 3D radiological measurement methods, development of personalized osteosynthesis implant (PSI) designs, patient processes via related information (PROM).

Jawbone reconstruction

Optimization of: surgical method, patient processes via related information (PROM).



Interdisciplinary collaboration for the treatment of patients with sleep apnea may involve a jaw surgery intervention aimed at advancing the jaws to improve the airways. It is structured and further developed in collaboration with special departments for ear, nose and throat diseases and lung diseases.

Research strategy

Evidence-based jaw surgical treatments through valid research published in peer-reviewed international scientific professional journals with a high impact factor.

Patient involvement from start, during and after the jaw surgical treatment.


Overview of our publications

Last Updated 20.10.2023