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We create U-Space in Denmark!

Imagine a sky where drones and traditional airborne traffic flies safely side by side, and where the drones can fly BVLOS, beyond visual line of sight of the drone pilot.

This will soon become reality, when a new Danish collaboration establishes the first U-Space in Scandinavia in the skies above HCA Airport. In future, the new U-Space will cover all of Denmark.

The first test flights will take place already this autumn and will be conducted by the innovation projects HealthDrone and SqMFarm.

Partners in the Danish U-Space project are Naviair, Danish Transport, Construction, and Housing Authority, UAS Denmark, Funen Police, HCA Airport and SDU.

SDU play a leading role in the project and researcher Kjeld Jensen from SDU UAS Center shares his thoughts here on TV2Fyn.

Fyn går forrest i nyt droneprojekt, TV2Fyn

Press release from Naviair

Editing was completed: 30.06.2020