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New Research Assistant Vincent Klyverts Tofterup

Vincent Klyverts Tofterup was employed as a Research assistant at the SDU UAS Center on 1 August 2018. Before summer, Vincent graduated from the MSc in Robot Systems with a specialization in Drone Technology.

In his master thesis “Fail-Safe Module for UAS”, Vincent focused on the importance of safety, if the use of UAS is to keep growing. Vincent proposes a solution to this problem by retrofitting a parachute module on the UAS. The parachute module is controlled by a companion computer, that terminates the motor system if a failure is detected.

Vincent is interested in how UAVs can be integrated into existing systems; how they can be utilized as a tool that enhances functionality, effectivity, user experience, and the overall system performance.

Vincent will be working on the FreeD project.

Editing was completed: 31.07.2018