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New Professor in Aerial Robotics

Ulrik Pagh Schultz has been appointed Full Professor in Aerial Robotics at the SDU UAS Center. He joined SDU in 2005 and has been a member of SDU UAS since 2017.

UAS for the good of future society

When asked about his research and plans for future projects, Ulrik says: “I am motivated by the SDU UAS emphasis on development of technology for the good of society, and I find aerial robotics to be particularly interesting due to the massive potential for significant impact on the future of society”.

Ulrik wishes to demonstrate that human programming ultimately is the key to allowing aerial robots to operate in real-world, outside environments, and that high-level programming languages lets us do this in a way that is effective, precise, and safe. “I hope to do this in the context of research projects that have an impact on the green transition, and in this way be part of developing the technology that (finally) lets drones become useful, autonomous robots that move throughout our entire airspace”.

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Editing was completed: 27.04.2021