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EU Commissioner visited SDU

The EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms Elisa Ferreira, stopped by SDUs drone labs at HCA Airport to hear about drones and the Lighthouse project NextGen Robotics.

In addition, Elisa Ferreira was excited to hear about the HealthDrone project that she had seen in the news. The HealthDrone had the very same morning successfully completed the first 50km BVLOS flight between two Danish hospitals and Ulrik Pagh Schultz was happy to fill the guests from EU Union in on all the details.

QuadSat and Lorenz Technology were also invited to show Elisa Ferreira the exciting drone technologies they are working on within the Lighthouse project. The visit was arranged by Erhvervshus Fyn and UAS Denmark.

More information on the NextGen Robotics Lighthouse project

Editing was completed: 29.05.2022