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Drone-expedition to the Arctic

Researchers from SDU UAS Center are working on the ArtDrone project on how to make the Northwest Passage between Europe and Asia safe for Arctic shipping companies by using drones to detect and navigate around icebergs.

To find out how drones react to the harsh Arctic environment, drone experts Jussi Hermansen and Erling Hansen from SDU went on an expedition to Ilulissat in Greenland in November 2019 to test a series of drones flying over the ice fiord. The main goal of the expedition was to make initial investigations on how the cold weather affected the battery endurance and to test the infrared cameras mounted on the drones.

The drone tests went well, and the collected data, that include many hours of infrared recordings of icebergs, will now be subject to further investigations at SDU. The data will expectedly be used within the ArtDrone project to develop a long-range drone equipped with ice protection systems and infrared cameras mounted in a stabilized frame.

The ArtDrone project is led by Agus Hasan from SDU UAS Center and funded by The Danish Maritime Fond.

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Editing was completed: 11.11.2019