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Communication Price to Kristian Husum Terkildsen

Kristian Husum Terkildsen from SDU UAS Center won this year’s Engineer Communication prize “Ingeniørdysten” at Folkemødet 2018, where more than 100.000 visitors including politicians and researchers gathered this year.

Kristian won the competition over other Danish universities with his presentation of the AED Delivery Drone project that actually started at Folkemødet in 2017, where a visitor addressed the UAS researchers with the idea of using drones to fly out defibrillators to cardiac arrests at golf courses.

One year later, researchers and students from SDU UAS Center have developed a prototype of an autonomous AED delivery system for drones, in cooperation with companies such as Falck, Sky-Watch, OUH and Dansk Golf Union.

Congratulations to Kristian for first class communication!

AED Delivery Drone project

Editing was completed: 17.06.2018