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System Integration Laboratorium

The systems integration lab is a multidisciplinary research and workshop environment that focuses on integrating and testing the many different parts and subsystems that comprise a modern drone system.

Its mission is to provide a flexible and well-equipped work environment for researchers and companies to come together to test and integrate mechanical, electronical and software subsystems into coherent and safe drone systems.

The Systems Integration Lab workshop has 3 main sections

  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Software/Simulation


The electronics section is mainly focused on final assembly, testing and debugging of micro-electronics. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electronic test equipment for analog, digital, and radio signals and is equipped with ESD-safe electronic workstations with advanced soldering, inspection and rework abilities.

The electronics section also has basic provisions for prototyping of microelectronics.


The mechanics section is focused on design and rapid prototyping of smaller mechanical parts used on drones and payloads.

It is closely aligned with the Composite Materials Lab and the SDU Department of Technology and Innovation (ITI). Having the Composite Materials Lab right next door provides access to state-of-the-art knowledge and equipment to create parts in advanced composite material.

The mechanics section is equipped with basic rapid prototyping equipment; such as 3D scanners and printers and can also produce simple CNC-milled parts in composites, plastics and soft metals locally. For more complex parts in harder materials, we can draw on the ITI Machine Shop and DevLab facilities at SDU Campus that provides access to very large 3D printers, laser cutting tables and a fully equipped metal workshop.


The software/simulation section focuses on development, bugfixing, data acquisition, processing, simulation and testing aspects of drone systems development and integration.

This section has experts within robot systems programming, embedded software, simulation, deep learning, image processing and visual computing.

It is aligned with the SDU BioRobotics and SDU Software Engineering and can draw on their knowledge and expertise within artificial intelligence, embodied intelligent systems and software design. The software and simulation section also maintains the Motion Capture System installed in the hangar.


The primary users of the System Integration Lab are companies, university researchers, PhD students and students from Faculty of Engineering at SDU.

As part of the UAS Test Centers facilities under UAS Ability, the labs and its experts are also available for external companies, universities and partners on a rental and consultancy basis.


Jussi Hermansen

System integration Lab manager,
SDU UAS Center
Phone: (+45) 93507396


SDU UAS Test Center, Beldringevej 252, 5270 Odense

Last Updated 31.03.2022