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Drone airspace and BVLOS flights

1900 km2 Airspace dedicated to drones

From the test field of HCA Airport, we have access to 1900 km2 airspace over land and sea - app. 400 km2 over land and 1500 km2 over sea - where drones have first-priority to fly.

The airspace is divided into 5 zones (OD1-5), which can be activated when needed. This means that you can fly in the airspace over HCA airport, but you can also fly BVLOS over land and sea from Northern Funen.


Make your BVLOS flight happen

According to the EU rules, you must file a SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) application in order to fly BVLOS in Europe. The application must be accepted by the transport authorities. In Denmark this means the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority (Trafikstyrelsen).

If you wish to fly BVLOS, we have experts that can help you with the flight planning as well as the international rules and regulations. We can also guide you on your SORA application. 

We will help you to set-up a Notam (Notice to Airmen) for flying in the restricted airspace and provide a drone flight responsible, DPA, to manage the communication with the airport’s tower and coordinate with other traffic in the airspace. This way you, as a pilot, can concentrate fully on your drone flight.

Cumulus drone 

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Last Updated 29.03.2023