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List of all the Employees at Research Unit of Medicine (Sønderborg/Tønder)

IRS - Hospital Sønderjylland, Research Unit of Medicine (Sønderborg/Tønder)

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Eithne Annette  Bauer  PhD Student   
Kenneth Mærsk  Christensen  Visiting researcher   
Leah Sejrup  Christensen  VIP   
Jan Dominik  Kampmann  VIP   
Andrzej  Konieczny  Teaching Asscociate Professor   
Frans Hjelm Brandt  Kristensen  Clinical Associate Professor, Head of Research   
Dorota Paulina  Küttel  Postdoc   
Jessica  Pingel  visiting researcher   
Mariam  Safi  Visiting researcher   
Anders Nikolai Ørsted  Schultz  VIP   
Behrooz  Shirvanehdeh  visiting researcher   
Bettina  Thude  Visiting researcher   
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Last Updated 20.10.2023