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Research areas

Research Unit of Medicine is responsible for researching the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of internal medical diseases and works within oncology, pulmonology, nephrology, endocrinology, and palliative care.

The Medical Research Unit is affiliated with the Department of Medical Diseases at Hospital of Southern Jutland and is engaged in a wide range of research within the medical, oncological, palliative, and organizational fields. The unit was established in collaboration with the Institute for Regional Health Research at the University of Southern Denmark.

The overall purpose of the research unit is to contribute new knowledge to ensure better treatment and care for patients with multiple diseases.

The unit is interdisciplinary, with researchers having backgrounds in medical science, nursing, nutrition, organizational development, and more. We conduct clinical, epidemiological, and organizational research within the medical and palliative domains. Additionally, we focus on research in telemedicine solutions. The unit consists of both PhD students and senior researchers with expertise in quantitative and qualitative methods.


Here you will find an overview of our publications

Last Updated 20.10.2023