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Research areas

The research group is affiliated with the clinical departments of surgical and medical gastroenterology at Hospital of South West Jutland.

The research group is organized into three subgroups, each with their own area of expertise.

The main research areas are:

Current research areas:


The purpose of the project is, among other things, to discover new methods for early non-invasive detection of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The project has so far resulted in the discovery of a diagnostic marker, TREM2, that can detect non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with high accuracy. Future focus is on developing diagnostic and prognostic algorithms for risk stratification of patients at risk of obesity-related liver disease.

The project also investigates the interaction between the liver and adipose tissue, as well as quality of life and heart function in severely overweight individuals.

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Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity - ATLAS (



LiverCare is a national multicenter study aimed at investigating the effect of early palliative care intervention for patients with advanced liver cirrhosis.

Mind The Liver

The purpose of MindTheLiver is to ensure better diagnostic of hepatic encephalopathy, which is a brain impairment that occurs in almost 50% of patients with liver cirrhosis.

Currently, research is being conducted on:

  • Development of algorithms for the diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease
  • Development and evaluation of communication tools between patients and departments
  • Development of markers for disease activity
  • Epidemiological studies regarding the assessment of the effectiveness of advanced medical treatment
  • The value of colon capsule endoscopy in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease.

Currently, research is being conducted on:

  • Diagnosis of precursors to and cancer in the colon and rectum
  • The significance and treatment of iron deficiency in patients with colorectal cancer.


Here you will find an overview of our publications

Last Updated 20.10.2023