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Trinity highlighted as an excellent research project at the SDU annual celebration

At SDU's annual celebration on the 28th of November 2022, SDU's rector Jens Ringsmose highlighted the results of the Trinity research project as an example of how high-quality research is relevant to real people in the real world.

The rector talked about how 47-year-old Tina became paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage in 2017. She spent a year rehabilitating in the "ordinary system", and she could expect to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

However, Tina came into contact with researchers from the cross-faculty research project Trinity from SDU, where a robot trainer for rehabilitation has been developed for many years. By making the patients weightless, the robot trainer gives the patient the opportunity to exercise muscles they cannot otherwise work with. By using the robot trainer, Tina has now been able to retrain to such an extent that she is able to walk two kilometers with a cane.

Researchers from the three faculties: TEK, HUM and SUND that form the framework for Trinity, are happy about the recognition of the results created in the project, where there is a focus on applied experimental research.

Read the principal's full speech from the annual celebration in Danish here:

Last Updated 29.03.2023