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Presentation: Researchers from HT presented their research to students from the Health and Welfare Technology Education

Students listening to researchers presentation

On December 12th, 2019, researchers and educators from SDU Health Informatics and Technology (HIT) were invited to present their research to the Health and Welfare Technology students at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

The students had expressed a great desire to gain an insight into what is going on in research, development, and teaching at SDU related to their education.

Therefore 17 researchers, educators, and graduates gathered to give the students an insight into their work.

Amina Bashir Hussein Jama and Charlotte Tornbjerg from the 5th semester of the Health and Welfare Technology Education say that “the presentations have made us aware that there are even more opportunities and ways to go than those we have been introduced to during classes”.

They say that “it was great to hear from the graduates and see what they are doing, to thereby better understand what you could do once you get out in ‘the real world’.”