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E-sundhedsobservatoriet 2021

The E-Health Observatory's annual conference will be held on the 12th and 13th of October 2021 at Odeon in Odense.


The E-Health Observatory is a national conference where health care IT players meet, and it has been held since 1999. The conference has a special focus on the development and operation of e-health, and over the last 21 years has developed in to a platform where planners, practitioners and clinicians meet over 2 days to learn about the new moving e-health environment, nationally as well as internationally.
The e-health observatory is run by researchers from the University of Aalborg and the University of Southern Denmark and the planning is done in close collaboration with the advisory group, which is composed of representatives from the e-health area.
Read about the conference here.


This year's overall theme

COVID-19 as a game changer of the healthcare system?

It is clear to everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has in an instant changed the premises for the future development of the health care system in relation to the time before the 11th of March 2020. The distance between decision and action was dramatically shortened. Decisions and processes that previously took many and long months were accelerated and translated into immediate action. The health professionals radiated despite extreme strain, and stated that they felt that the patients and the treatment were in focus. Health data gained new value, and the health service's data analysis units and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority provided data. All actors, both municipalities, general practice, the hospitals and the suppliers have felt the changes and they have delivered. Sometimes it may also have gone a little too fast, and new systems are not designed based on concepts that embed an understanding of users' diversified competencies and needs. An example is the booking system for vaccinations, which in relation to the elderly citizens as a target group at the time of writing leaves something to be desired.

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