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New network in Baltic sea region supports nanotechnology

EU gives 16. million DKK to large international network in order to strengthen the high technological development in the Baltic sea region.

The lack of cooperation between industry and regional research institutions makes it difficult to exploit the growth potential in the Baltic sea region. Hence, the EU has granted 16 to the new EU project Technet_nano, which is a network of small and medium sized companies and research institutions of the Baltic sea area with the aim to exploit the competences of each other.

- Technet_nano will give companies the possibility to develop their know-how across borders, e.g., we will offer resources and cleanroom facilities so that companies may develop their high technology products, independent of which country of the Baltic Sea region they belong to, says Horst-Günter Rubahn. He is professor for nanotechnology at the Mads Clausen Institute at the University of Southern Denmark and leads the new initiative.

Focus is on nanotechnology

Technet_nano has 12 partners and 36 networkpartners in eight different countries: Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus.

- The University of Southern Denmark has a strong focus on nanotechnology at the campus in Sønderborg, and we look forward to using our competences for the benefit of the Baltic sea region, says Jens Oddershede, rector of the University of Southern Denmark.
Technet_nano has been developed together with Videnregion – a cooperation between University of Southern Denmark and the Universities in Schleswig-Holstein.

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