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Extension for important honoray professorship

Honorary professor Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery’s cooperation with SDU has produced good results. The honorary professorship is now extended for five years

The University of Southern Denmark has extended an honorary professorship with Professor Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery of Oldenburg University in Germany for five years until November 2019. For more than 30 years, Al-Shamery has worked intensively with photo-assisted surface and nanoscience. Al-Shamery has served as honorary professor at SDU since 2009 and has worked closely together with researchers within nanotechnology at the Mads Clausen Institute, SDU in Sønderborg.


Important results

The cooperation with MCI has brought about a series of important scientific papers and joint publications. Moreover, Al-Shamery’s work on synthetic chemistry is crucial to MCI’s activities within both organic solar cells and organic light emitting transistors, just as it has laid the foundation for establishing an SDU2020 research cluster on stability of organic devices in 2014.

Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery is professor in chemistry and acting president of Oldenburg University. Her career has also brought her to universities in Göttingen, Zürich, Oxford, Berlin and Ulm.


Editing was completed: 07.01.2015