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Research areas

Learn more about research projects and activities at Active Living.

Active Living is an interdisciplinary, independent research unit with a focus on spaces and frameworks for active living. Based on health and social science approaches, we create and disseminate knowledge about the prerequisites for and significance of lifelong physical activity and movement. Via socially relevant and up to date research, we challenge existing understandings and truths about the significance of individual, social and structural factors for active living. In these ways we strive to make a difference - both scientifically and at broader societal levels.

Active Living is part of the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at SDU, and every day we work to contribute to the department’s core ambition on creating and disseminating new knowledge about human movement.

Our work is informed by SDU’s ambition to create value for and with society by promoting unique and innovative solutions and helping to shape the future. Active Living also supports the Faculty of Health Sciences’ mission to contribute to improving human health.

Our mission and vision

  • Active Living exists to create better conditions for physical activity for all through research and development.
  • We enter into strategic collaborations with local, national and international research and development partners. Together we achieve more.
  • The 30+ members of Active Living form a community that unites, coordinates, and sets direction with room for different ideas, projects and interests. We are guided by SDU’s ambition to promote research, dissemination and education that develop society.

Our current research areas

  • The role of environments in promoting physical activity and health
  • Social science and implementation research related to physical activity and human movement
  • Motives and habits of physical activity
  • Importance of playing and outdoor environments for children’s development and movement
  • Physical activity, learning and well-being of children and young people
  • Physical activity and people with disabilities
  • Studies of sports facilities, associations, and volunteers

See overview of our research publications.

Last Updated 19.10.2023