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FLASH collaborator Peer Bork receives Novozymes prize

Peer Bork has received the Novozymes Prize 2021 in recognition of the outstanding research he has undertaken during his entire research career. The Prize is accompanied by DKK 5 million and is awarded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Peer Bork is part of the GALAXY project.


New publication: Increasingly dysbalanced collagen turnover as fibrosis stage worsen

Maja Thiele on Center for Liver Research's new GALAXY-publication about upregulation of fibrillar collagen formation (PRO-C3) and degradation (C3M) in alcohol-related liver disease.


Last patient – last visit in the RCT SYN-ALD

The RCT SYN-ALD is part of GALAXY and the team at Odense University Hospital was very happy when the last patient completed the last visit in the study.


New FLASH researcher receives this year's award for the highest grade point of the year at Medical School

Today, Nikolaj Torp takes the hippocratic oath at the University of Southern Denmark and at the same time receives a prize of DKK 20,000 for the highest grade point of the year.


New FLASH publication in JHEP Reports

A FLASH manuscript studying MFAP4 was recently accepted in the new and acknowledged hepatology journal JHEP Reports


Review from ATLAS and FLASH researchers on the newest methods to examine severely obese patients for liver disease

It is important gain a better understanding of which patients develops progressive liver fibrosis from fatty liver disease, and why. We therefore set out to describe the newest methods to investigate liver damage in patients with severe obesity.


Professor Aleksander Krag becomes a member of elite centre, DIAS

Head of FLASH, Aleksander Krag, has recently been honoured with an appointment as chair of the Danish Institute for Advanced Study.


PhD defence Ditlev Nytoft Rasmussen

26 March, FLASH researcher Ditlev Nytoft Rasmussen will defend his PhD on prognostic markers in alcohol-related liver disease.


Online meeting in the FLASH EU project GALAXY

1-3 March, FLASH hosted a 3 days online meeting for all partners in GALAXY together with project MicrobLiver


New FLASH researcher

Simon Langkjær Sørensen started as a MD researcher at FLASH Liver Research Center.


Multinational collaboration establish common cut-offs for liver stiffness measurements

Finally, researchers have agreed on the interpretation of liver stiffness measurements. There has long been disagreement about which cut-off values to use for transient elastography (FibroScan). With the participation of FLASH, a multinational collaboration has now established cut-off values to rule in and rule out compensated advanced chronic liver disease across the four major liver disease etiologies.


Inclusion of patients concluded in the fourth GALAXY study

55 patients with alcoholic liver disease are now included in the SYN-ALD a randomized controlled trial in GALAXY.


New FLASH research nurse

Ultimo 2020, Julie Hansen started as FLASH research nurse .


FLASH involved in a multi-centre study published in AP&T

The new study shows that digital assistance improves physician’s accuracy to predict who will develop complication to cirrhosis and die from alcohol-related liver disease. The study was conducted in collaboration with one of the world's most famous institutions for liver research, The Sheila Sherlock Liver Center in London.


Spotting chronic liver disease

How to spot chronic liver disease? This nice video from the LiverScreen project explains


European partners from the Galaxy and MicrobLiver projects met in March

The European partners from the projects meet twice a year to discuss progress, challenges and opportunities. The projects are now entering the final stage.


New FLASH publication in Liver International

FLASH Liver Research Center - International coordinator of a newly published Individuel Patient Data meta-analysis about portal hypertension and liver elastography


The 2nd General Assembly in Microb-Predict




FLASH research seminar

FLASH has spent 3 days in a monastery in South Germany with researchers from the TransHep research group.


Best of Liver Meeting 2019

FLASH had to oral presentations at the Liver Meeting 2019 - both were selected as part of Best of Liver Meeting 2019


GALAXY Scientific Advisory Board

GALAXY hosted meeting at AASLD in Boston


The human microbiome in metabolism

FLASH meets other experts in the human microbiome at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Symposium.


Symposium on co-morbidities in diabetes

On August 14th-15th, The Danish Diabetes Academy hosted a symposium on co-morbidities in diabetes. At FLASH Centre for Liver Research, we do research in type 2 Diabetes related liver disease, why three of our researchers were present at this event.


FLASH represented at the ATLAS Symposium

ATLAS, The Center for Functional Genomics and Tissue Plasticity, hosted a symposium at Hindsgavl Castle where FLASH was represented as a partner, chair of session and by a poster.


Participant no. 100 included in the Rifaximin study

Inclusion in the Rifaximin study at FLASH has reached an important milestone where participant number 100 has been included.


Maja Thiele puts focus on microbiome research

Maja Thiele hosts Danish national radio show every Friday with focus on trends and newest research about sickness and health.


Our Professor graduates

On June 8th Professor Aleksander Krag was awarded an Executive Master of Business Administration.


PhD defense Samuel Joseph Daniels

On the 6th of June, Samuel Joseph Daniels will defend his PhD thesis at Odense University Hospital.


FLASH at Danish IP Fair 2019

Katrine P Lindvig from FLASH Liver Research Center participated Wednesday 8th at Danish IP Fair 2019.


DDA symposium on co-morbidities in diabetes

Maja Thiele from FLASH co-chairs session on liver related co-morbidities.


How to keep up compliance in an intervention study?

Center for Liver Research runs REDUCTION a 6 months dietary intervention study for patients with type 2 diabetes. But what tools do we use to teach our participants about the diet, and how do we keep the participants motivated under the entire study period?


Inspiring future medical students and scientists

The two young researchers from FLASH, Mie and Nikolaj, had the chance to give an inspirational and academic talk to a total of 150 students from ‘Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge’ (ATU) at the University of Southern Denmark.


GALAXY project meeting

In January European partners from the GALAXY project met on Funen.


Release of Galaxy and MicrobLiver book on Springer

From the clinic to the 'omics labs' the newly released Galaxy and MicrobLiver Springer book represents the largest compilation of gut-liver-axis evidence.


AASLD - The 2018 International Liver Meeting in San Fransisco

FLASH researcher presents poster at AASLD about prediction of liver disease with non-invasive markers such as elastography and the ELF test.


Course in advanced liver ultrasonography

Join our 2-day course in advanced liver ultrasonography at Odense University Hospital on 1 & 2 February.


Patient's involvement in liver Research

Patient’s involvement in research is a hot topic, but how can researchers activate and benefit from the patient’s knowledge in practice? How to move beyond merely disseminating knowledge to the patients?


Ruling out esophageal varices in NAFLD cirrhosis: Can we do without endoscopy?

Editorial by Aleksander Krag in Journal of Hepatology October 2018


FLASH Writing Retreat

2 days focus on medical writing for the FLASH research team


GALAXY Steering Committee Meeting at EMBL

All GALAXY partners met in Heidelberg in May