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Pre-workshop (Online)

3. november

Online event - start

13:00-13:05:  Welcome / Charlotte Wien

13:05-13:20: Bibliometric research at University of Southern Denmark’s library: Rationale,  organization, and results / Charlotte Wien, Professor and Head of Research, University  Library of Southern Denmark

13:20-14:20: Digital Science: Data, Connections & Impact - Using Dimensions for end-to-end powerful AI research discovery and analysis /
Ben McLeish, Director of Advocacy and Outreach & Lea Lipitakis, Product Solutions Manager, Digital Science

14:20-14:30: Break

14:30-15:30: ElsevierTrend analysis and strategic relationship building: A case study by The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education / Hans Pohl, Programme Director, STINT & Anders Karlsson, VP Global Strategic Networks, Asia Pacific, Elsevier

15:30-15:40: Break

15:40-16:40: Clarivate: Citation Topics – document level categorization for better analyses / Anja  Edmeades, Solution Consultant, Clarivate

16:40-16:50 End of pre-workshop and practical info about the welcome reception at 18:00 in  Odense / Charlotte Wien

Online event – end



In-person event in Odense 


18:00-19:00 In-person welcome reception with local beer tasting at Anarkist in Odense


In-person event in Odense - end


Main workshop (In-person event in Odense)


4. november 

In-person event in Odense - start 

08.00-09.00: Registration and coffee     

09.00-09.15: Opening and welcome, Head of Research and Prof. Charlotte Wien  

09.15-10.15: Keynote lecture, Prof. Chris Lorenz, Chair Charlotte Wien

10.15-10.30: Break   

10.30-11.30: Session 1, Chair Pei Shan Chi, ECOOM, KU Leuven

  • André Brasil: 
    When indicators are not enough: The Brazilian Qualis experience in combining metrics with peer-review. Presented by André Brasil
  • Asger Væring Larsen:
    Open Science Policy at the University of Southern Denmark. Presented by Asger Væring Larsen
  • Hans Pohl:
    Acknowledgements to funding organisations. Presented by Hans Pohl

11.30-12.15: Art walk’n’talk  

12.15-12.45: Lunch  

12.45-13.15: Sponsor session, Chair Michael Svendsen, Copenhagen University Library

13.15-14.15: Session 2, Chair Michael Svendsen, Copenhagen University Library

  • Caroline Wraae and Charlotte Wien: 
    Using processing improvement models to increase research productivity. Presented by Caroline Wraae
  • Cristina Arhiliuc:
    How do researcher in Social Sciences and Humanities collaborate? A case study for Flanders. Presented by Cristina Arhiliuc
  • Grant Lewison:
    The sex and etnicity (or national heritage) of Nordic cancer researchers from 2009 to 2019. Presented by Grant Lewison

14.15-14.30: Break    

14.30-15.30: Poster session: Poster Minute Madness, Chair: Prof. Birger Larsen

  • Alicia Fátima Gómez Sánchez, María Alejandra Tejada Gómez: Doathon, an initiative to define collaboratively a roadmap for next generation science, technology and innovation metrics 
  • Eline Vandewalle: How to map the societal impact of research in the social sciences and humanities? An exploration of the use of libcitations with national libraries
  • Evgenios Vlachos, Asger Væring Larsen: Making the library the center for Bibliometrics and Research Data Management
  • Hanne Dahl Mortensen:Pure and SDUpro a different way to flash research at the Faculty of Science SDU
  • Joshua Eykens: The disciplinary identity of subject specialties in the social sciences and humanities
  • Karen Hytteballe Ibanez, Mogens sandfær, Søren Willer Hansen: NORA, National Open Research Analytics
  • Michal Petr, Monika Sieberova: Bibliometrics in the reformed national evaluation in the Czech Republic 
  • Ole Ellegaard: The rapid increase in the number of bibliometric analyses of scholarly production
  • Peter Aspeslagh: Collecting author affiliation data for publications not indexed in the Web of Science in the context of research evaluation
  • Y. Vladimir Pabón-Martínez: Bibliometry as a tool for oligonucleotide design

15.30-16.30: Session 3, Chair Lone Bredahl, University of Southern Denmark

  • Gunnar Sivertsen and Jon Holm: 
    The use of bibliometrics in the design of a new generation of national research assessments in Norway. Presented by Gunnar Sivertsen and Jon Holm 
  • Gustaf Nelhans and Johan Eklund:
    Semantic knowledge discovery. Presented by Gustaf Nelhans
  • Pei-Shan Chi:
    Measuring the Isolation of Research Topics in Philosophy. Presented by Pei-Shan Chi

19.00-: Dinner   


5. november   


08.30-09.00: Coffee and good morning    

09.00-10.00: Keynote lecture, Senior Lecturer  Gemma Derrick. Chair Marianne Gauffriau

10.00-11.00: Session 4, Chair Anne Lykke, Aalborg University Library

  • Bertil F. Dorch, Daniella B. Deutz, Charlotte N. Wien
    The Citationless h-index: Concerning a Heuristic Point of View Toward Hirsch's Index to Quantify an Individual's Publication Record. Presented by Bertil F. Dorch
  • Hannelore Vanhaverbeke:
    Signing DORA. Why (mayby) not. Presented by Hannelore Vanhaverbeke
  • Kristoffer Rørstad, Dag W. Aksnes, Fredrik Niclas Piro:
    Younger researchers tend to collaborate more internationally than their senior colleagues. Presented by Kristoffer Rørstad

11:00-11:15: Break

11.15-12.15: Session 5,  Chair Daniella Deutz, University of Southern Denmark

  • Ross Potter: 
    Breaking down the metrics: A comparison of standard, collab and fractional CNCI indicators across Nordic institutions. Presented by Ross Potter
  • Stephan Stahlschmidt:
    A comparative analysis of international scientist mobility between data sources and measurement pathways. Presented by Stephan Stahlschmidt
  • Henrik Kalstrøm:
    Investigating publication influence using citation network features. Presented by Henrik Kalstrøm

12.15-12.45: Lunch    

12.45-13.45: Session 6, Chair Laura Himanen, Tampere University

  • Laura Himanen and Susanne Nykyri: 
    Responsible research evaluation at national and organizational level: current developments in Finland and at Tampere University. Presented by Laura Himanen and Susanna Nykyri
  • Janne Pölönen and Henriikka Mustajoki:
    National recommendations on responsible research assessment. Presented by Janne Pölönen and Henriikka Mustajoki
  • Poul Meier Melchiorsen, and Anne Lykke:
    Gender Distribution in Scholarly Communication at Aalborg University During the Pandemic. What Does the Data Say? Presented by Poul Meier Melchiorsen and Anne Lykke
  • Marianne Gauffriau, Lone Bredahl, Tanja Strøm, Laura Himanen:
    Using SCOPE to investigate research evaluation practices at Danish universities work in progress. Presented by Marianne Gauffriau

13.45-14.00: Break

14.00-15.00: Keynote lecture, Prof. Peter Dahler-Larsen. Chair Bertil F. Dorch

15.00-15.30: Coffee and cake and announcement of NWB2022, Library Director & Associate Prof. Bertil Dorch and the NWB2022 host 

In-person event in Odense - end 


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