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Anitta Kinga Sárvári

Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Anitta Kinga Sarvari received a PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences in 2015 at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, where she was studying the obesity related inflammation regulation by adipocytes through interaction with macrophages. After her PhD studies, she has been involved in collaboration with L’OREAL, then studied the biological mechanisms underlying adipocyte turnover in obesity development as a postdoctoral fellow at Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

She joined Susanne Mandrup’s research group as a postdoc in April 2018 on the ATLAS project. In continuation of the projects she has been involved with, her main interest remained to characterize changes in cellular plasticity and cross-talk between cell types in adipose tissue during diet-induced obesity and regression, using both mouse-and human models. To understand the transcriptional regulation during this process, she is using single RNA-seq analysis, and histological characterization of changes in the adipose tissue composition and morphology.