Programme structure

Programme Structure

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Programme courses

The first and second semesters comprise mainly course and project based learning including the most recent knowledge in the disciplines of Life Cycle Assessment and System Analysis, Global Environmental Challenges, Design for the Environment, Resource savings by Process Integration, Waste Management and Industrial Water Technology.

The third and fourth semesters are more individualised and include project work in close relation to our research activities. Third semester there will be a possibility for exchange study programme abroad. Another option is to join the International Brainstormers.

Compulsory Courses

Part of the study programme is compulsory if you want a master degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark. In addition to the fixed main subjects and courses, you can choose supplementary courses from all courses offered at the university.

Elective Courses

Possible elective courses for the academic profile in Eco-efficient Engineering: Advanced LCA, LCA of bio systems & bio resources, Material Flow Analysis of Waste Management Systems, Solid Waste processing and Recycling, Industrial Ecology/Industrial symbiosis, Environmental, Health and Safety Management.

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