Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Upcoming events 2018        

20 August 2018 - Master's defence - Dagný Elva Hólmarsdóttir
TNF and IL-1β- the good and the bad

23 August 2018 - Master's defence - Julie Sloth Vistisen
The effect of epidermal barrier permeability on energy metabolism

24 August 2018 - Master's defence - Annika Hummersgaard Hansen
Probing the structure of α-synuclein by oxidative labeling and mass spectrometry

31 August 2018 - Master's defence - Nasteco Ahmed Mohamed
Evaluation of Classifier Chaining in Omic Datasets

7 September 2018 - PhD defence - Sheila Lefoli Maibom-Thomsen
Characterization of biopharmaceutical proteins by mass spectrometry: Recent developments and key challenges



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