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Programme structure

The master programme is a two-year programme on top of a relevant bachelor degree.

At the master programme you choose one of two specializations:

The first and second semester
The first and second semesters of the master programme are focused on your chosen specialization: Advanced Robotics Technology or Drones and Autonomous Systems. Depending on the specialization, you will work theoretically and experimentally with topics such as kinematics, drone technology, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, autonomous systems, and computer vision. This provides all students with a common and broad foundation which qualifies them for many different jobs, regardless of their specialization.

Third and fourth semesters
The next two semesters broaden the scope of the two specializations. The third semester aims to provide space for electives and integrate skills, whereas the last semester is dedicated to the master thesis. For the master thesis you will choose the subject yourself. The master thesis will typically be carried out in one of the research groups and/or in cooperation with an industrial company.