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General language requirements

Language requirements for English programmes

When you apply for a Master’s programme taught in English, you must prove your English language proficiency in one of the ways listed below.

Please note that a number of programmes have special language requirements. Se special requirements for: 

Language requirements for Danish programmes

If you apply for a Master's taught in Danish on the grounds of a Danish Bachelor's degree, you don't need any further documentation of your language qualifications.

Applicants with a foreign Bachelor's degree (also Danish citizens) must  provide documentation for their Danish language proficiency corresponding to Danish A in one of the following ways: 

  • Passed Danish A at upper secondary level
  • Passed Study Exam/Proficiency Test/Higher Education Examination (“Studieprøven”) in Danish as a foreign language. If you apply to the Master's degree programme in Pharmacy, you must have passed the study test with a minimum grade average of 7.0 on the Danish grading scale.
  • Individual competency assessment from VUC - see
  • Passed Norwegian, Swedish, or Icelandic on a level equivalent to the Danish A-level. To see if you qualify, check the guides for conversion of Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic course levels.

Admission (Master's programmes) University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 03.10.2023