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MSc in Environmental Engineering - Master's Thesis Projects

On the 4th semester you will  be working on your master's thesis, equivalent to 30 ECTS. You may choose to start at your master's thesis project on the 3rd semester, if you prefer. In that case, you will spend 10 ECTS elective courses on the thesis, and thesis will then be extended to 40 ECTS.

You are the one who selects your master's thesis

Every year, we – the researchers from SDU Life Cycle Engineering - will set up a number of suggestions for master's thesis projects, and you will be able to choose between these. Of course, you can talk to the researchers about the projects before selecting. As we are the teachers on almost all the courses of the programme, you will know us all before you are going to select your master thesis project. On of our researchers will be associated with your master's thesis as your supervisor throughout your master's thesis project.

The master’s thesis projects are related to our research projects

The master’s thesis projects are usually related to our ongoing projects; projects from the real world, funded by eg. companies, the Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Energy Agency or the EU.

You will get insight in cooperating with companies, authorities and research institutions. You will get a taste of real world issues and professional challenges in new areas - and we do not necessarily have the solution in advance.

Be inspired by some of the projects for master’s thesis projects from previous years.


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Last Updated 11.02.2021