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MSc in Cultural Sociology

The Master’s degree program in Cultural Sociology will give you a deep understanding of the development of contemporary societies. Focus is on the cultural aspect of social transformations and of sociological phenomena in general.

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  • This Programme is offered in Esbjerg
  • This Programme is taught in English


We study how and why cultural identities and relations are changing and shaped by globalization and migration, and how changes in popular culture are influenced by social media. We investigate the connection between gender issues and new body cultural phenomena; we critically analyze how cultural values shape economic practices and how emotions shape politics and social life; we work with issues of change in rural life conditions and rural identity and, not least, with subcultures, countercultures and social movements, civil society and new state-citizen relations.

Furthermore, the program has a strong focus on classical and contemporary sociological theories and on both quantitative/statistical and advanced qualitative methods for collecting and analyzing empirical data. Our overall purpose is to enable our students to independently investigate and analyze processes of social and cultural transformations.

The program contains two tracks: “Social transformation processes” and “Rural Sociology”. Students must choose one of the two tracks halfway through the first semester.