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This unique programme prepares you for the changing role of marketing and communication in a fast-paced globalized cultural economy. It teaches you to understand the relationships between marketing and culture as a foundation for adjusting to cultural differences, and responding to contemporary challenges and trends in consumer societies around the globe. You will learn to apply principles of cultural brand management and conduct ethnographic market research methods to gain deep and rich insights into consumer culture.


Structure of the Programme

The programme focuses on socio-cultural perspectives on consumption, marketing and branding, as well as ethnographic approaches to market research using advanced marketing theory. You will be taught by an international group of researchers who have studied consumer culture from the polar circle to the Amazon and from YouTube to the Sahel zone. You will also gain skills for analyzing the fundamental social and cultural principles and logics that spur processes of globalization and their consequences for markets, corporations and consumers.


Career Opportunities

The competences obtained during the studies in Odense can be used in curriculum development, ranging from becoming an individual business entrepreneur, working as a specialist in large multinational companies or as a consultant internationally.


Entry Requirements and Application

To apply for a Master's programme in Economics and Business Administration, you need a relevant Bachelor's degree. You can also apply if you hold a similar Bachelor's degree including a minimum of 75 ECTS within the field of Economics and Business Administration.