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Language requirements

English language requirements

If you apply for a Master’s programme taught in English, you must prove your level in English in one of the following ways. The deadlines for submitting relevant documentation are:

  • May 15 for study start in September
  • December 1 for study start in February

Coronavirus: How to prove your English level?

We know that it may be challenging to provide sufficient documentation of your English proficiency due to language tests being cancelled. We advice you to consider the following possibilities:

  • High school certificate
    EU citizens may be able to use their high school certificate as documentation (more information below).
  • TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition
    TOEFL iBT is offered in a Special Home Edition recognized by SDU. Please refer to more information at

We regret that we cannot admit students who are unable to provide the proper documentation by May 15.

Ways to prove your level in English

Danish high school degree

You fulfill the requirements if you have passed English B from a Danish High School with a minimum grade of 3.0 (Danish 7 point grading scale).

European high school degree

A diploma from an EU/EEA high school may be enough to prove your proficiency:

  • You must document the number of English lessons per week (60 min. lessons), number of weeks per school year, and the number of years you have attended high school.
  • To do this, you must use SDU's Statement of Hours which must be signed and stamped by your high school and submitted along with your full high school diploma.
  • English as a subject must be passed with a grade equivalent to a minimum of 3.0 on the Danish grading scale (2 passed, 12 is max)


We encourage you to forward your documentation in advance via the contact form SPOC. Then we are able to make a pre-assessment of your qualifications.


Language tests

SDU accepts the following language tests: 

  • TOEFL iBT test with a minimum score of 88 (maximum 2 years old at the time of application).
    Ask the test center to send the score report directly to SDU. To select SDU as recipient, use the code 7969 (please choose "other - department not listed"). If you have taken the test already, you can still make a request for the test center to forward the report.
  • IELTS academic test with a minimum overall band score of 6.5 (maximum 2 years old at the time of application)
  • C1 Advanced (CPE) with a minimum score of 'C' or C2 Proficiency (CAE) - both from a Cambridge Network or from University of Michigan. For validation of your results, please enter the candidate website and share your results with "University of Southern Denmark - Master/Graduate".
Education from a English-speaking country

You  fulfill the English requirements, if you have completed a Bachelor's degree in one of the following English-speaking countries:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Ireland

Please note that your entire Bachelor’s degree must have been taught in one of the above-mentioned countries and not  at an affiliated university abroad. Your degree also cannot have been taken as a long-distance programme.

Danish language requirements

If you apply for a Master's taught in Danish on the grounds of a degree taught in Danish, you don't need any further documentation of your language qualifications.

Applicants with a foreign Bachelor's degree (also Danish citizens) must pass the  Study test in Danish or a Danish on a high school A level - see

Do you speak Norwegian, Swedish, or Icelandic?

You are qualified for programmes in Danish if you have passed Norwegian, Swedish, or Icelandic on a level equivalent to the Danish A-level.

To see if you qualify, check the guides for conversion of Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic course levels.