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Course descriptions

The programmes are divided in quarters: each semester consists of two quarters as follows:

Bachelor programme:

All courses are offered in Odense.

Spring semester

The bachelor programme is offered primarily in Danish, but a few subjects are available in English in the Spring semester. No courses are offered in English in the Autumn semester.

First quarter:
International Health (.pdf)
Second quarter:
Health Behaviour (.pdf)

Master programme:

All courses are offered in Esbjerg

Autumn semester

1st quarter (week 36-45)
Public Health in the 21st Century: Challenges and Perspectives (.pdf)
Public Health Policy and Administration (.pdf)
Health Policy (.pdf)
Risk Communication (.pdf)
Public Health Research on Global Scale (.pdf)
Methodology of Social Science and Qualitative Research
Cardiac Rehabilitation - a Multifaceted Approach (.pdf)

2nd quarter (week 46-5)
Public Health Ethics (.pdf)
Health Measurement Scales (.pdf)
Worksite Health Promotion (.pdf)
Project Management
Empowerment and Social Policy (.pdf)
Health Technology Assessment (.pdf) Will not be offered in the Autumn semester 2017

Spring semester

1st quarter
Evaluation (.pdf)
Health Promotion Planning (.pdf)
Change and Knowledge Management (.pdf)
The State of Global Health (.pdf)
Risk Theory, Assessment and Governance (.pdf)

2nd quarter
Advanced Epidemiology (.pdf)
Health Communication (.pdf)
The Economics of Prevention in Health (.pdf)
Harmonisation, Sovereignty, Diversity and Global Health (.pdf)
Health and Safety Risk Management (.pdf)

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