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Business oriented Market Development

  • This Programme is offered in Kolding
  • This programme is taught in Danish

Short Introduction

A unique study program for the ambitious business developer

The ability to continuously innovate and develop business, is important when it comes to businesses’ possibility to grow and survive in a globalized and dynamic market. 

With a “Erhvervskandidat”,Master programme in Economics and Business Administration for business professionals, Business oriented Market Development you will be qualified to address vital corporate challenges in a company regarding market-related innovations and priorities in the light of overall strategic considerations.  



This profile focuses on providing students with knowledge, skills and competences within:
business development and Business to Business marketing  

innovation and communication and of how to use this as a competitive resource

leadership and how you can influence businesses' change processes

The programme is flexibly organized to give you good opportunities for shaping your study programme. For instance, you have your electives and Erhvervskandidatprojekt (Business project) run over 2 semesters, repetitive, and you have good opportunities to study abroad at another university, a company or a consulate. 


Qualifications and career opportunities

You obtain qualifications to fill several different key positions dealing with relational, product and business development in an international company or organization. This applies to large, small and medium-sized enterprises, public sector enterprises and NGOs/volunteer organisations. For instance, you will be capable of:
studying and resolving problems within business and market development;
taking on managerial tasks to ensure understanding and resolution of problems relating to market terms and development; 
carrying out studies of businesses' cooperative relationships;
specifically assessing businesses' innovation and communication processes and draft proposals for improvement

Please visit the Danish version, if you want to find more information


Last Updated 13.02.2024