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Teach computers and robots to think

The term artificial intelligence (AI) is used for machines that solve independent tasks that otherwise require a brain to perform. It is not a vision of the future, but already part of our everyday lives. When streaming service suggests a new series for you to watch, or when a drone scans an area for invasive plants, it is done with the help of artificial intelligence.

Several different concepts belong to artificial intelligence. For example machine learning, where an algorithm in a machine analyses data that can be used to predict events in the real world. Artificial intelligence is also an important aspect of robotics as it covers the technology used to design and control robots. It is a goal of artificial intelligence to teach machines, computers and robots to think, learn and make decisions.

When you study a bachelor's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southern Denmark you learn to develop and use the various tools that are part of the field. You gain knowledge of how to work with data and software, and you gain insight into how to use artificial intelligence to solve real problems and tasks.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Artificial Intelligence is offered only in Danish. Therefore, you must be able to prove Danish language proficiency in order to be admitted into the programme.