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Programme structure

This is a three-year bachelor programme on top of which you can study a two-year master programme. The programme is taught in English. 

During the semester projects you will be working with the following themes: 

  1. Discover the Electronic Development Process
  2. Build Industrial Electronics
  3. Develop Intelligent Dynamic Electronic Systems
  4. Design of Embedded Architectures
  5. Experts in Teams
  6. Bachelor Project and further specialization 

First semester: 
In the first semester you will gain a first insight into what electronics is and what it takes to develop electronic products. You will work with subjects such as embedded systems, basic analog electronics and the corresponding math and physics. With your project group you will design and construct a small electronic product taking you through the entire development process. 

Second semester:
This is where you will work with more advanced electronic systems including amplifiers and circuits for analog signal processing as well as more advanced embedded systems. You will gain knowledge about system components and their interactions. As part of the semester project you will work with electronic circuits, analogue-to-digital conversion and a microcontroller system.

Third semester:
In this semester you will build on the knowledge you have gained about electronics and will be given insight into the use of electric motors and development of control systems and thereby the development of dynamic electronic systems. In the semester project, you will develop an electronic system – that can for example control the speed of an electric motor by integrating electronics and software solutions into a complete system.

Fourth semester:
In the fourth semester you will work with advanced embedded systems. This includes more control engineering and digital signal processing in theory and practice. You will learn how to design embedded architectures in hardware (digital systems) and how to test and implement them in state of the art technologies (System on Chips). In the semester project you will develop a digital system with signal processing algorithm’s, in a context with external components for inputs and outputs – thereby sensing external data and controlling external devices.

Fifth semester:
This semester is about innovation, multidisciplinary skills and entrepreneurship (Experts in Teams). You and your project group will organize yourselves into a virtual company where you will go through all development phases from idea to creation of a fully functioning prototype - taking into consideration economy, external suppliers, etc. You will continue with further specialization elective courses. You can also choose to study abroad for a semester. 

Sixth semester:
Here you will write your bachelor project in which you bring together all your knowledge and skills from the preceding semesters. The semester includes further specialization via a theory course in Applied Electro Magnetics and two elective courses. 

You can read descriptions of the individual subjects by clicking on them in the study course diagram below. On mobile phones, the diagram is best viewed in landscape mode.