Collaboration with students

Does your business or public organisation need additional outside skills?

Are there everyday tasks you aren't able to find time for?

Or are your employees devoting too much time to tasks that you'd be better off delegating to a student?

Hire a student

There's a high level of interest among SDU's students in locating co-op opportunitiesor exciting internships or project collaborations

Regardless what type of business or organisation you represent, you'll be able to find someone with the skills you need. 

Come meet the students 

You are heartily invited to the Business Lunch event, which we hold once or twice a year at all campus locations. 

Hire an international student

Does your company want access to a new market? Are you lacking language skills in a specific area?

Bring an international student into your business and reap the benefits! 

Contact us

Do you still have questions regarding the right solution for your business or organisation? 

Contact the business consultants at SDU RIO via e-mail or phone: +45 6550 2022.