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Application of micro and nanotechnology with high selectivity and resolution combining microtechnology platforms with surface nano-functionalisation

Keywords and applications


Sensors;  MEMS; surface functionalisation; microfluidics


Food and water inspection; Industry 4.0 production line


We apply micro and nanotechnology to develop sensors with high selectivity and resolution. The key relies in combining microtechnology platforms with surface nano-functionalisation, which allows the sensing target to bind to the surfaces, leading to physical changes which can be detected either by optical or piezoelectrical means.

Micro-cantilever sensors take use of functionalised surfaces with specific binders, which leads to efficient gas sensors for various applications. As an example, we have developed gas sensors for detection of cadaverine, useful for meat freshness evaluation. However, a high variety of gases can be detected, simply by changing the surface binder. These gases include for example ethylene and NOx.

Detection of impurities in liquid samples is also a possibility by taking use of microfluidics technology. We have demonstrated the detection of biological pathogens in water samples (salmonella and adenovirus), by functionalising magnetic beads with specific antibodies, which are inserted in the microfluidic channel stream and bind to the specific targets.

In addition, relevant sensors for industry based on optical and/or piezoelectric sensing can be developed for specific applications, also opening the possibility for printed roll-to-roll sensors. Applications could for example be from presence and position sensors to flow sensors.


  • Idea generation for sensors with specific application
  • Adaption of current sensor technology for better selectivity and resolution
  • Expert advising on ideal sensor solutions for production lines
Development and testing
  • Development of sensors for gas and liquid samples
  • Development of physical sensors (position, presence, flow, force)
  • Sensor reliability testing and failure analysis

Labs & Equipment

Sensor characterisation tools
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Microfluidics setup
  • Reliability lab (shaker, climate chambers, HALTs)


Roana de Oliveira Hansen
Associate professor, PhD
Mads Clausen Institute

T +45 6550 1649

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