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EMC - Electromagnetic compatibility

Component and module level EMC characterisation and mitigation

Keywords and applications

EMC design, EMC test, measurement and analysis, spurious emission, EMI filtering, components, SI/PI, desense

Consumer and industrial electronics, power electronics, automotive, electro mobility, wireless


The EMC group is active on all levels in the system hierarchy and in all stages of a project. We aim to focus on EMC as early as possible and continuously work with the EMC performance throughout a project. By focusing on EMC at all stages in a project, we reduce the risk for  delays and costly last-minute operations and reduce the tendency for costly overdesign.

Based on the above mindset, our group engages in research into component and module level EMC characterization and how to mitigate EMI. Among other activities, we focus on minimization of conducted and radiated emission from power inverters and power factor controllers (PFC) by using new materials, electromagnetic phase resolved near-field scanning of digital electronic and EMC correct PCB layout.

A thought-out EMC architecture mitigates many EMC problems, especially radiated emission. Hence, we are looking into methods for reducing radiated emission by help of the correct EMC architecture. The goal is to combine module level measurements and EMC architecture in 3D full wave simulations and, thereby, estimate radiated emission early in a project.

IOT and other wireless solutions have increased the interest in desense, i.e. degradation in signal sensitivity due to internal noise sources. The present focus areas are PCB layout and determine coupling path by help of near-field scanning and simulations.


  • All kinds of mandatory EMC test including radiated and conducted emission, radiated immunity, spurious emission, ESD, burst, surge, voltage dip and harmonic power
  • Failure analysis
  • EMC design at all levels (components, PCB/module, and system)
  • Signal and power integrity
  • Near-field scanning
  • Circuit and 3D full wave electromagnetic simulations
  • Hybrid magnetic structures for EMI filtering


In our EMC LAB we have:

  • ESD, burst, surge, voltage dip and harmonic power test stations
  • Reduced sized (6,60 m x 1,96 m x 2,28 m internal measures (LxHxW)) fully anechoic room (FAR) for radiated and spurious emission (up to 18 GHz) and radiated immunity (up to 6 GHz)
  • Conducted emission test in a hard-shielded room
  • Phase resolved near-field scanner
  • Spectrum analyzers, 4-port 40 GHz vector network analyzers, high speed oscilloscope, various probes, etc.

Person in charge

Mohamed Kheir
Associate Professor, PhD
Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE)
Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

T +45 6550 2842

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