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Intelligent systems

Research focused on adaptive and distributed embedded and integrated systems for intelligent infrastructures to enhance electrification, decentralisation and digitalisation.

Keywords and applications

Distributed embedded systems, intelligent infrastructures, IoT/M2M communication, distributed optimisation and decision making

Electric vehicle charging infrastructures, digitalisation of energy systems etc.


The performance of an intelligent system, which is formed by the interconnection of embedded system nodes, relies on the underlying physical and communication architecture, its robustness and security. The architecture defines the distribution of objectives, constraints, the decision-making process, functionality and responsibilities in the system.

In our research and development work we focus on:

  • Methods and architectures for distributed decision-making and optimisation; e.g. scheduling, resource allocation and real-time optimisation. 
  • Implementation of distributed decision-making in embedded systems to form intelligent infrastructures.
  • Robust and secure protocols and middleware layers for IoT and M2M communication.
  • Architectures for integration and implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Integration, interfacing and processing of data and sensors in embedded systems. 


  • Conceptualisation, simulation and implementation of distributed decision-making, scheduling and resource allocation methods.
  • Prototyping and integration of embedded and integrated systems.
  • IoT system architecture conceptualisation and prototyping and evaluation
  • Embedded Linux platform prototyping
  • Technology clarification and experts’ reports.

Labs and equipment

  • Prototyping lab  


Robert Brehm
Associate professor, PhD
Centre for Industrial Electronics (CIE)
Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

T: +45 6550 1612

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