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Digitalization at the courts

The Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to support a new research project concerning digitalization at the courts of law in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

The project's purpose is to contribute to the collaboration in digitalization in the Nordic countries and Baltic States in order for the countries to collect and share the experiences which each country gains in the proces of implementing IT-solutions.

Associate professor, dr. Frederik Waage from the Department of Law at the University of Southern Denmark will be the research director on this project.

The research project runs until the beginning of 2020 and is carried out in co-operation  with Hanne Marie Motzfeldt and the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR) at the University of Copenhagen and is tied to the Digitalization Hub of the Faculty of Law.

On this page, we will  post relevant information as the research progresses.

Last Updated 21.02.2024