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Notes from Stockholm

Nordplus - Idrott meeting in Stocholm 3. – 5.mars 2014 – The group of Ballgames

(Ørn Olafsson (University of Iceland), Peter Persson (Malmø Høgskola – Sverige, Frode Fretland (Høgskulen i Sogn og Fjordane – Norge)

What did we discuss?
The group started to inform each other and discuss our own experiences with PE and ballgames back home at our institutions. The context was the structure level – local, regional, national, cultural – and we explored to some extend – what was the central part/content for ball games in curriculum planes at Iceland, Sweden and Norway? What was the stand for PE and ball games especially? How does it work at the university level?

We experienced a big different when it comes to the amount of ball games – in Malmø – the PE-students at the university level got a total of 30 hours to ballgames compared to Iceland with 100 hours.

All of us experienced a changing climate toward the subject of health as most important for the content of PE in Schools. Maybe there is a tension and some talks against ballgames in PE?

We also had some discussion about quality in teaching ball games, but there where to little time to discuss methodology, e.g. how (and why) we teach in traditional ballgames like football, basket? Maybe next time this is going to be central. When it comes to the three overall themes that where central for the meeting we discussed these points:

• Visibility/promotion:
o First of all – put the NordPlus opportunity on the map for the students – inform them and give the different alternatives (short visit (one week) and long visit (months).
o Show for the students at each institution the opportunities of exchange.
o Inform about the intensive course in Odense – for Ph-students and Master-students.
o For teachers – visit and follow/get informed of different courser on ball games and to use personal contact and get information when it is possible.

• Sustainability
o Make a list over contact-persons within the different groups (e.g. – (people can be at different lists). Some degree of identity.
o Discuss central themes that is common and interesting for the different Nordic countries. E.g.
 New trends in coaching in football/handball/basketball…
 Difference in teaching and learning process in the Nordic countries
 Introduce and discuss new ways of teaching in ballgames in school.
 Leadership (models for learning)
 Get known with, and compare different ball games in the Nordic countries (e.g. In Sweden bandy is popular – what is the content?)

Sogndal 11.04.14
Frode Fretland

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