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Det Ny Merino

Welcome to The New Merino

For a number of years, the former Business Language Studies published the journal Merino. Merino served the purpose of relaying information about research and development with Business Language studies (International Business Communication, since 2005) in the shape of articles, prepublications and discussion papers.

We are picking up where we left of, only with a new name. The New Merino is open to publications on all topics within the topical realm of International Business Communication. Publications may be written in any of the languages that are taught in the different lines of study in International Business Communication. Writers may be students or teachers from International Business Communication, but we certainly welcome writers outside International Business Communication and University of Southern Denmark as well.

Articles are published when a positive review is available.

Articles may be

  • Articles written by students, based on excellent theses, eliteprojects and other student papers.
  • Articles, prepublications, discussion papers and the like, written by teachers and researchers.
  • Reviews of books, ph.d. theses and the like within the IBC field.

Most recent issue of The New Merino

Når manden bliver virksomhed 

By Linette Jørgensen


Directions for contributions

Further questions may be directed at the editorial team:

Editor in cheif: Flemming Smedegaard.

Editor: Wickie Irene Jensen


Last Updated 12.12.2023