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Kirstine Sinclair

University of Southern Denmark


Kirstine Sinclair is Associate Professor (PhD) at the Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies, Department of History, University of Southern Denmark. Her theoretical interests involve modernity theory, social movement theory, place, space and the sensory turn. Empirically, her work focuses on Muslim minorities in the West, as well as on transnational Muslim organisations and Islamism.

Three relevant publications:

Seeberg, P., Sinclair, K., Magnussen, A. & Sørensen, N. A.: Contested Places, edited together with P. Seeberg, A. Magnussen & N. A. Sørensen, Odense: University Press of Southern Denmark (2013).

Sinclair, K. & Feldt, J. E.: Lived Space: Reconsidering Transnationalism among Muslim Minorities, edited together with Jakob Feldt, Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang Verlag (2011).

“Hizb ut-Tahrir and Notions of Home,” in: Lived Space. Reconsidering Transnationalism among Muslim Minorities, Frankfurt a. M.: Peter Lang: 49-63 (2011).

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