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Business-to-Business Marketing and Supply Chain Management

Research focus and subject field

The research group Business-to-Business Marketing & Supply Chain Management (B2B & SCM) focuses on the collaborative and competitive opportunities, networks, and supply chains that companies are part of. The theoretical focus of the research is a number of different functionalist, relational and evolutionary theories. In the group, special emphasis is placed on a number of different themes dealing with innovation of networks and supply chains, public-private innovation, cluster and business development, and tourism.

Head of Research

Professor Per Vagn Freytag.

Business-to-Business Marketing and Supply Chain Management

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Per Vagn Freytag Professor 65501380 
Anne-Mette Hjalager Professor 65504220 
Jan Stentoft Professor 65501370 
Kristin B. Munksgaard Professor WSR 65501467 
Ann Højbjerg Clarke Associate Professor 65501361 
Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich Associate Professor 65501775 
Susanne  Gretzinger Associate Professor 65501753 
Svend Hollensen Associate Professor 65501218 
Mads Bruun Ingstrup Associate Professor 65501329 
Henry Larsen Associate Professor 65501648 
Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen Associate Professor 65501491 
Kristian Philipsen Associate Professor 65501376 
Thorkild Knudsen Teaching Associate Professor 65501428 
Roberto Mora Cortez Assistant Professor  
Morten Brinch Postdoc 65501426 
Bo Mortensen Postdoc 65501461 
Sadia Soltani PhD Student  
Victoria Baagøe-Engels Industrial PhD Student 65507675 


Last Updated 27.08.2021