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Bachelor Project – Bachelor’s independent assignment

 Bachelor projects runs after  2½ years of studying  MSc in Engineering .  At SDU we encourage students to carry out the  bachelor project in collaboration with a company, but it is not a demand . 

The collaboration with companies and students at this time of studying, can help students choose specialisation / electives during their master studies due to industrial demand / market demands and secure very  attractive graduates.


Facts about Bachelor project

• The Bachelor project is usually carried out during the spring semester from February to June.
• The project period runs for 15 weeks and half time( 15 ECTS) and prepared in teams of two students.
• The work is normally not carried out in the company, but we advise close contact and competent feedback
• A Bachelor project is unpaid

Are you interested?

Meet the students: If you want to meet the students your company can join the SDU Praktik og Projektdag Odense or Student Collaboration Day Sønderborg. Read more abut the events in this link 
Post at SDU jobteaser: If you have a selected subject for a graduation project, please feel free to post it at SDU Jobteaser – SDU Jobteaser is a job and project site for students and recent graduates from SDU for both projects, internships or jobs.
Project posts at SDU Jobteaser are free and can be active online for free up to 365 days.

Please use your own template.

If you don’t have a template we recommend the following items to be included in a post:

Headline – consider the language – byt choosing english you include all students -international as well as national
Project description – What is the pain / the theory / the goal
About the company – some relevant information about the company / department / technology where the student are engaged to.
Company - Name, address, web
Contact person - Name, telephone, E-mail
Type of project/job – final project, bachelor project, master project, Job / study job
Start – eg deadline for application
Other informations


Do you have questions regarding cooperation with students and bachelor projects?

Susanne Kjelstrup
T +45 6550 7141

Last Updated 06.12.2023