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The Role of the Programme Coordinators

In this section you find information about the programme coordinators at the Faculty of Engineering and about their roles in relation to the engineering study programmes. The programme coordinator holds a special responsibility for the general development and coordination of the study programme he/she is coordinating, thus giving the student the experience of a well-structured, coherent study programme. Moreover, as chairman of the education committee for the study programme, the programme coordinator holds the main responsibility for ensuring involvement of all important academic environments related to the study programme in the continual development of the programme.

Furthermore, through participation in the faculty education forum the programme coordinator is obliged to ensure that the continued development of the Engineering Education Model of the University of Southern Denmark is reflected in the study programme in question. Moreover, the coordinator is obliged to contribute to cross-faculty coordination in this respect.

The programme coordinator serves as de facto head of studies for the study programme and requisitions courses at the institutes, at and outside the faculty and if necessary/possibly also outside the university on behalf of the director of studies and in accordance with the curriculum. In this capacity, the programme coordinator agrees with the heads of institutes on the staffing of the teaching activities for each semester including the appointment of semester coordinators and semester groups.

Moreover, the programme coordinator is responsible for academic counselling of the students and for internal information on elective courses, “Upcoming Study Choice”, etc., as regards the study programme as well as for the coordination in relation to the participation in Open House, study related activities, schools liaison activities, internationalisation activities, etc.

It is the programme coordinator who ensures that an academic recommendation is submitted as the basis for cases to be considered by the Academic Study Board in relation to the study programme in question or to the students in the study programme, e.g. course evaluations, applications for credit transfer, applications for exemption, etc.

Programme coordinators at the Faculty of Engineering.