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The Role of the Head of Programme

The Head of Programme has a special responsibility for the overall development and coordination of the specific programme, so that the student at the programme experiences a well-structured coherent educational course. As chairman of the education committee of the programme, the chairman also has a main responsibility to ensure the involvement of all the professional environments important for the programme in a continued development of the education.

Through its participation in the Faculty's Education Forum and in the institute Education Forum at the institute where the programme is anchored, it is also the chairman task to ensure that the continued development in the faculty's education model DSMI is reflected in the specific programme and to contribute to a cross-cutting coordination between the programs at the institutes and across the faculty.

The Head of Programme acts as head of studies for the program and requests - in accordance with the curriculum - teaching at the departments at and outside the faculty and possibly outside the University. The Head of Programme is thus involved in a dialogue with the Heads of Department about the staffing of the teaching tasks at the individual semesters, including the appointment of semester coordinators and semester groups.

At the same time, the Head of Programme, in collaboration with the education administration in relation to the programme, is responsible for academic guidance of the students and internal information about electives, 'choices along the way' etc. as well as for coordination in connection with the education's participation in connection with Open House event etc.

In relation to the Study Board's processing of cases in relation to the specific programme or its students, e.g. course evaluations, merit applications, dispensation applications, etc., the head of education, who is responsible for the necessary academic recommendations, submits as a basis for the Study Board's processing.

Head of Programme at the Faculty of Engineering.

Last Updated 18.01.2021